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The backbone of Beval's reputation

Beval was created on a foundation of quality, innovation and style. Beval understands the importance of quality horse and riding equipment, as well as the need to provide the style and comfort riders yearn for in their competitive endeavors.


In addition to offering superior equestrian riding equipment, apparel, and supplies, we are also proud to offer the best in repairs. Our friendly workshop staff combine top notch craftsmanship and attention to detail in everything they do.


Check out just some of the repair services we offer below – click each category to expand for estimated pricing information. Click Here to download our repair request form to send in or drop off with your repair.


$85 and Up
Re-stuff Felt
$225 and Up
Re-stuff Wool
$260 and Up
Re-tuft Both Sides
Install Knee Blocks
Install Knee Pads
$450 and Up
New Billets
$185 Complete Set
$120 One Side
Install Long Dressage Billets
$45 Each
$210 Complete Set
$125 One Side
New Stirrup Bar
$175 and Up
Re-Lace Cantle
Pull Up Front
Patch Skirts
$58 and Up
New Seat
$950 and Up
New Tree


Recover Rubber
New Stud Only
New Stud, Lay On & Loop
Complete New Stud End
Shorten Plaited Reins
New Buckle & Loop
Install Leather Stops


New Triple Stitch Chape
New Double Stitch Chape
New Snap
New Chape Plus Hardware
Sheepskin on All but Buckle Chape & Throat
Sheepskin on All
Rolled Throat
$33 + Throat
New Crown Sewn On
$32 + Crown


New Double Elastic
New Triple Elastic
Re-Stitch Chapes
New Chapes & Buckle
Shorten on Buckle/Chape End
Price on Request
Shorten Both Ends & New Elastic
Price on Request
Wrap End
Add Straps for Overgirth
Replace Sheepskin

Riding Boots

Take In
Take In Zipper Boots
Stretch Throat, Instep, Ball
Stretch Top and Calf
New Pulls
$25 Each
Re-Stitch Pulls
$15 Each
Swagger Tabs
Spur Rests
$58 and Up
Install Gusset
Paddock Show Elastics
Paddock Show Zippers
Zipper Added to Boots
Zipper Replaced
$90 for Single Boot


Shorten Any Turnback
New Chape
New Buckle & Loop
New Point End
$32 Each
Make &Install Flash Attachment
Sew-In Gag Rounds
Lengthen Figure 8 (2 Straps)
New Crown on Caveson

Horse Boots

Fleece Stitched in Open Fronts
$55 and Up


Re-Stitch Stirrup Leathers
$45 (Add $10 for each new buckle)
Side Reins - New Elastic
Cover Hackamore with Sheepskin
Cover Breastplate with Sheepskin
Install Rivets or Chain on Caveson

*Please Note:  All Repair and Workshop Service charges listed are estimates only.

Need Beval workshop services or want a custom order?

Interested in something really special or have a repair in mind? We’d love to help! Whether it’s a new saddle, a broken bridle, or a uniquely sized boot – we can fix it or order it. Give us a call or email us today to get started.

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