Introducing Meyer Selles

Beval Saddlery is incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Meyer Selles of France. We are the official distributor of Meyer in the United States, and we could not be happier to be carrying such a high quality saddle.

Co-founders Alexandre and Emile spent six years perfecting their saddle before bringing it to the market, and their attention to detail and expertise shows. Across the board in demos, we felt closer to our horses and more in tune with their motion than we ever had in any other kind of saddle.

Their saddles are specially designed to allow for maximum range of movement for the horse. The creators focused on a horse first, rider second concept, and the comfort and flow of the horse’s movement has absolutely translated to a better, more clear and communicative and fine tuned ride for all of us who have ridden in the saddles so far.

This saddle is made for your horse. Do you have a warmblood with a back as wide as a couch? A sport horse with a high wither? This saddle has fit every body type we were able to pull out of a forty horse barn with little to no special or extra padding! If you are in the market for a saddle that will bring you closer to your horse’s authentic movement and looking for a clearer, more comprehensive ride, this is the saddle for you.

Interested? Stop by any of our locations or contact our Saddle Specialist, Kaylee Donahue at 609.634.0148.