Equestrian Athleisure

Now Trending…Athleisure: Why It’s a Blessing for Equestrians, and How to Capitalize

For those of us who are not yet bold and/or tired enough to wear riding pants any and everywhere, enter: athleisure. Athleisure is one of the biggest trends in fashion right now, one equestrians stand to benefit tremendously from.

If you wear your breeches constantly regardless of the occasion, you now have a reason to do so. Athleisure. This applies perfectly to those of us who opt not to change before heading out into the world, be it the grocery store or dinner on a Friday night. (For the record, we have worn riding pants at both such events and everything in between.)

The operative word in athleisure is the -ath. You are an ATHLETE! Horses are awesome! So don’t hide your riding pants. Wear them at your leisure!

When you think about it, a riding breech is just a glorified (and more expensive) yoga pant. So why not get your money’s worth?! Show up all the yoga moms at your local Starbucks. They think getting up at 6am for Vinyasa Flow is hard? Most mornings we’ve been awake since 3:30, have singlehandedly fed thirty living beings, and are actually covered in a thin layer of dust – but nobody has to know that, so long as you wear dark colored breeches (always advisable).

So how does one make it look ~effortless~? We suggest one failsafe rule: it’s all about the shoes. Even your ugliest and warmest winter sweater and breeches, when paired with driving moccasins or the flats you left in your car from work, have a certain fashionable je ne sais quoi. A sweater and breeches with muck boots doesn’t have quite the same magical effect. No shoes? Wipe off your boots and go forth in public with a confident smile, because you aren’t just wearing the clothes for leisure – you are an athlete.

Shop our latest in breeches, boots, and sportswear today, and outshine them all on your next morning coffee run.