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A Guide to Clipping

When the temperature drops, the question of clipping often arises. Should you clip your horse? Go au natural? And if you do clip, what type of clip is best for your horse? In this blog, we’ll break out the facts to help with your decision.   Au Natural (No Clip) –   While some lucky… Read more »

Blanketing 101

As the temperatures drop and we begin the change into our winter wardrobes, one goal is on our mind: warmth. We have different vests and sweaters, and maybe a waterproof coat or two all designated to keep us warm and protected from the elements. Our winter wardrobes are sort of like a closet of their… Read more »

Introducing Meyer Selles

Beval Saddlery is incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Meyer Selles of France. We are the official distributor of Meyer in the United States, and we could not be happier to be carrying such a high quality saddle. Co-founders Alexandre and Emile spent six years perfecting their saddle before bringing it to the market,… Read more »

Helmet Awareness: What You Need To Know

International Helmet Awareness Day may have already taken place this year, but learning about the importance of helmet safety is a year round necessity. We all fall sometimes, but getting right back on your horse actually isn’t the smartest, or safest, thing to do 100% of the time – especially if your helmet isn’t properly… Read more »