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A Guide to Clipping

When the temperature drops, the question of clipping often arises. Should you clip your horse? Go au natural? And if you do clip, what type of clip is best for your horse? In this blog, we’ll break out the facts to help with your decision.   Au Natural (No Clip) –   While some lucky… Read more »

Leather Care

Consistent care of saddles and strap goods will extend the life of your leather items. The phrase “kill with kindness” applies well to leather care.  Although leather needs frequent cleaning and conditioning, it is also possible to over condition leather, which can be harmful.  Leather needs to be cleaned well and sufficiently conditioned – without overdoing… Read more »

Blanket Fitting

Measuring for Horse Clothing When measuring a horse for proper blanket size and fit, it’s always best to do so with the help of a second person. We also recommend measuring your horse with a flexible tape measure – to ensure the most accurate measurement possible. Start by standing your horse square on a flat,… Read more »

Saddle Fitting

We invite you to set up a consultation for your new saddle today by calling 1-800- 524-0136! We currently offer Meyer and Beval branded saddles as well as a selection of the finest in used saddles. Saddle Fitting for the Horse Before beginning a saddle fitting on any horse, it is important that the rider… Read more »