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Fitting A Horse Blanket

When trying a new blanket for size, we recommend placing a thin, clean stable sheet on your horse first to keep the new blanket as clean as possible. Place the blanket on your horse and fasten all front closures. Gently slide the blanket back so it rests comfortably at the shoulder and chest. Fasten the… Read more »

Measuring for Horse Clothing

When measuring a horse for proper blanket size and fit, it’s always best to do so with the help of a second person. We also recommend measuring your horse with a flexible tape measure – to ensure the most accurate measurement possible. Start by standing your horse square on a flat, even surface. Place the… Read more »

Cleaning is a Four-Step Process

Soap: Use a wet tack sponge and your preferred saddle soap or leather cleaner.  Work up a foam lather that will surround the dirt on your equipment and loosen it from the surface. Rinse:  Clean the dirt and soap away using a sponge (cleaned thoroughly in fresh water).  Make sure all soap is removed. Dry:… Read more »


You can equate the care of leather goods to the care of your own skin – they must be kept clean, soft and moisturized. After each use, leather equipment should be wiped off with a damp sponge, especially the underside, to remove sweat and dirt build up. Depending on how often you ride, you should… Read more »

Initial Oiling

Most leather equipment will benefit from an initial oiling, especially to the flesh side – this gives a first conditioning to the leather.  We do not recommend oiling oakbark stirrup leathers, since they are made from leather with ample lubrication.  Suede should not be oiled. When applying, oil should be at room temperature or warmed… Read more »

Leather Care Product Recommendations

Initial Oiling: Neatsfoot Oil (Use Neatsfoot Oil Compound if you want leather to darken or pure Neatsfoot Oil for less darkening) Saddle Soap & Leather Cleaners: Beval branded, Belvoir, Castile Soap, Effax, Leather New, Lexol Cleaner, Tattersall Conditioners: Beval branded, Effax, Leather Therapy, Lexol, Flexilan Restoring Older Equipment: Ko-Cho-Line, Leather Therapy Restorer and Conditioner