Beval Saddlery Workshop Services

Beval Saddlery Workshop Services


In-House Saddlers

Winford Brown
Expert Saddler Since 1988

In-House Custom Tailor

Umbellino Martins
Over 40 years of experience

In-House Manufacturing

Superior craftsmanship at the hands
of our Saddlers & Workshop Staff


A Foundation Built on Service...

Bev Walter, Founder
Beval Saddlery Ltd
In 1955, Bev Walter founded Beval Saddlery on a promise to provide superior saddlery services to horse show competitors. At the time, this unique "traveling workshop" brought great promise to a rapidly growing industry and paved the way for today's retail mobile units and horse show trade fairs.

Competitors soon came to rely on the expertise and quality offered by Beval's saddlery and leather repair services. Bev saw, first hand, the need for quality English riding equipment that, at the time, was not readily available to his valued clientele. His quest to find superior quality products took him to England where he quickly developed relationships with Master Saddlers. Bev combined his innovative ideas and concepts with English premium-grade leather and soon began importing saddlery and bridlery goods to the United States.... And that's just the beginning!

The backbone of Beval's reputation was created out of Bev's vision... a foundation of quality, innovation and style that he brought to the industry. He understood the importance of quality horse & riding equipment as well as the need to provide the style and comfort riders yearned for in their competive endeavors. This legacy would eventually be passed on to his son and current President & CEO, Mark Walter.

Expanding a Legacy...

Clarence Brown expertly repairs a leather halter in our NJ workshop
A successful young rider and competitor, Mark quickly realized the unique opportunity his father's business brought to the industry. An innovative mind in his own right, Mark continued to develop the quality products and services riders needed and wanted. He designed a mobile unit that was second-to-none and brought an entirely new life to the on-the-road services his father had envisioned years before. His commitment to quality, service and innovation is evident in customer loyalty and the national growth the company has experienced.

Our Continued Promise to Serve...

From humble beginnings in a Bernardsville, NJ garage to a multi-National retail and wholesale company that has become a staple in the equestrian community. Our 4 retail store locations and traveling mobile unit keep us at the pulse of today's ever-changing industry. This allows us to continually improve our product line and service offerings based on your wants and needs!

In addition to offering superior equestrian riding equipment, english riding apparel, barn supplies, horse health care and much more, we are also proud to offer a unique array of saddlery services. Our friendly workshop staff combine top notch craftsmanship and attention to detail in everything they do. Whether you need a snap replaced on a turnout halter or a favorite saddle rebuilt, our Saddlers are here to help with a smile!

A Tradition of Experience & Excellence...

Beval New Jersey

Butch Zubrod brings his expertise in the Saddlery trade to our customers on the road!
We're honored to celebrate Winford Brown who has dedicated himself to more than 20 years in our NJ workshop. "Win" brings years of expert craftsmanship and a passion for his trade that can be seen in the smile on his face every day. In 2001, we were proud to introduce Clarence Brown who offers yet another friendly face in our NJ workshop and delivers superior quality in every project and repair he takes on.

Beval Connecticut
If it's an apparel alteration or a completely custom coat you desire, our valued in-house Tailor, Umbellino Martins is your best choice for unbeatable quality and attention to detail. "Umbi" has become a legend in our community for the unsurpassed talent he puts into every stitch. His pleasant demeanor and enthusiasm for his work remind us of how fortunate we are to have him!

Beval On-the-Road
Nothing says charisma like our very own Butch Zubrod. Adored by many on "the A Circuit", Butch travels with our mobile unit to many horse shows on the East Coast and also offers his exceptional abilities in our Saugerties, NY location at HITS on the Hudson. His dedication to quality offers our customers the unique opportunity to get our first-class service and product support right on the show grounds!

Questions about Beval Saddlery workshop services, tack repairs and custom tailoring?
We're here to help! Contact us M-F from 9-5 EST at 800-524-0136


Workshop Services

In addition to offering superior equestrian riding equipment, apparel, and supplies, we are also proud to offer the best in customer service. Our friendly workshop staff combine top notch craftsmanship and attention to detail in everything they do.

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Recondition $85 and Up
Re-stuff Felt $225 and Up
Re-stuff Wool $260 and Up
Re-tuft Both Sides $58
Install Knee Blocks $140/pair
Install Knee Pads $450 and Up
New Billets $185 Complete Set
$120 one side
Install Long Dressage Billets $45 each
$210 Complete Set
$125 one side
New Stirrup Bar $175 and Up
Re-Lace Cantle $48
Pull Up Front $48
Patch Skirts $58 and Up
New Seat $950 and Up
New Tree $770



New Triple Stitch Chape $34
New Double Stitch Chape $26
New Snap $25
New Chape Plus Hardware $42
Sheepskin on All but Buckle Chape & Throat $75
Sheepskin on All $104
Rolled Throat $33 + Throat
New Crown Sewn On $32 + Crown



Shorten any turnback $24
New Chape $22
New Buckle & Loop $32
New Point End $32 each
Make & Install Flash Attachment $88
Sew-In Gag Rounds $48
Lengthen Figure 8 (2 straps) $55
New Crown on Caveson $55


Horse Boots

Fleece Stitched in Open
$55 &



Recover Rubber $78
New Stud Only $38
New Stud, Lay on & Loop $45
Complete New Stud End $48
Shorten Plaited Reins $44
New Buckle & Loop $44
Re-Lace $58/pair
Install Leather Stops $58/pair



New Double Elastic $58
New Triple Elastic $72
Re-stitch Chapes $30
New Chapes & Buckle $44
Shorten on Buckle/Chape End price on request
Shorten Both Ends & New Elastic price on request
Wrap End $30
Add Straps for Overgirth $50
Replace Sheepskin $125


Riding Boots

Take In $96/pair
Take In Zipper Boots $168/pair
Stretch Throat, Instep, Ball $30
Stretch Top and Calf $30
New Pulls $25 each
Re-Stitch Pulls $15 each
Shorten $92
Swagger Tabs $76
Spur Rests $64
Patches $58 and Up
Install Gusset $120/pair
Paddock Show Elastics $132/pair
Paddock Show Zippers $142/pair
Zipper Added to Boots $235
Zipper Replaced $180/pair
$90 for single boot



Re-Stitch Stirrup Leathers $45 (Add $10 for each new buckle)
Side Reins - New Elastic $58
Cover Hackamore w/ Sheepskin $48
Cover Breastplate w/ Sheepskin $78
Install Rivets or Chain on Caveson $65

*Please Note:  All Repair and Workshop Service charges listed are estimates only.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 800-524-0136.