1581030- Pikeur Ladies Daisy 4-Button Show Coat
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Pikeur Daisy Show Coat is the one to pick for extra comfort and breathability. Pikeur's Daisy riding jacket is lightweight yet has more structure and substance than an unlined softshell jacket. Gorgeous 4-button jacket for women is black with white cord piping and chic white enamel and silver buttons. Well tailored and fully lined in the body, this is a high end competition coat with wonderful performance features. The Daisy has a polyamide/elastane shell and polyester stretch lining for comfortable movement. The center back lining is a coordinating white fabric with micro retro print. This part of the lining is not elastic but there is a pleat for plenty of mobility. The sleeves are unlined. The fabric of the Pikeur Daisy Coat is made by Sensitive Fabrics of Italy. This high end performance fabric has the following characteristics: SensitiveEcoSystem, Breathability, Easy Care, Extra Comfort, and Wrinkle Free. Sensitive Eco System means fabric is produced with an eco-compatible process and designed to have a low environmental impact for its lifetime. Extra Comfort is due to the 3-dimensional elasticity for freedom of movement, wearability, and maximum shape retention over time. Breathability is achieved with the open honeycomb construction that allows air circulation between the fibers. You'll feel cooler while you ride and there's less chance of odor forming. The wrinkle free material is half as thick as similar fabrics so it's light, takes up less space in your closet or suitcase, and resists creases. The Sensitive brand fabric dries quickly, can be hand washed, machine washed, or dry cleaned.