2096002- Groomer's Stone

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All groom boxes and tack trunks should have at least 1 Groomer's Stone! Unique features include:
Long lasting
Removes hair and dirt
Brings out the natural oils, leaving your horse's coat clean, soft and shiny
Lightweight and Safe for any age
Removes Botfly eggs safely and easily
Environmentally friendly -made of foamed recycled glass
Sterile - (No pathogens unlike natural rock)
Does not leave grit on hands or on horse
Known to calm "twitchy" horses during grooming
Use with or without currycomb, brush, etc...
Massages as it cleans
Works on dogs, cats, and all show animals
Easy-to-clean by rubbing on a rough surface to expose a new layer of pores
Made in the USA
Makes a Great Gift!
Use the Groomer's Stone whenever you groom your horse and you'll both enjoy the benefits!