7400700- Ego 7 Orion Field Boot
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Designed by Franco Tucci, the EGO 7 Orion Field Boot is handmade from high quality natural leather for a beautiful boot that is perfect for any English riding discipline, in the show ring or at home. These semi-custom boots are crafted from high quality, soft and supple Italian leather and come in different height and calf width options at a great price. Elastic backs with a heavy duty back zipper ensure a comfortable and secure fit that will last for years to come, with a fit that is soft and supple. Spur rests and a rubber sole with grip give these boots utility with a classic and comfortable style. The boots also feature a new innovative material called E-TEX, which is water resistant and specially designed to offer full protection against stains on the saddle from your boots!
When referring to the size chart, please note that Beval carries only Regular (Size 0) and Tall (Size +1) Height Boots. Other heights and sizes can be ordered upon request – please call 800-524-0136 for more information.