5758400- Charles Owen Ayr 8 Helmet
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Up-to-date styling, fit and unparalleled safety make the Ayr8 the latest choice in equestrian protection headwear. This low profile helmet features centrally located front and rear ventilation holes covered in mesh, while the side panels are covered in microfiber suede available in black, brown or navy. Heat reflective paint for the center panel is available in gold and silver, along with traditional black, navy, or brown. The GRpx® technology harness takes the superb fit to the next level. Charles Owen manufactures to some of the top international safety standards for riding helmets and body protectors. This helmet is the newest certification and is certified by SEI to ASTM F1163-15. Each standard tests for a different set of accident situations. Helmets that meet multiple standards provide the most comprehensive protection and cover a wider range of potential accident situations.