5252016- Cambox Helmet Camera
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The Cambox helmet camera is engineered with the rider in mind. Light as a feather, only as wide as the face of a coin and extremely easy to use, this on-board camera is well suited to all equestrian disciplines, from cross country to driving to polo. Cambox is highly adjustable for a flush fit against your helmet with a hook-and-loop fastener. Two articulated wings each with a range of 35° can accommodate the peak shape of any riding helmet, no matter how curved it is. The 170° wide angle lens has a variable vertical angle with 40° tilt to let you choose how to present your view. Swivel the angle up to optimize the field of view and show the course ahead. Swivel it down to show your hands on the reins or the horse working underneath you. Two secure screws keep your setting. A single, raised button controls all functions for easy operation in the saddle—even with riding gloves on. Cambox is designed to an optimal combination of picture quality, compression ratio, compatibility and cost. Produces a high definition image with 1,280 x 720 pixel resolution; captures 30 pictures per second; video sensor with 5 million pixels; output in AVI format compatible with most software. HD microphone with integral filter captures even the smallest sounds. Integral lithium-ion battery offers 90-minute operating time and recharges with USB charger. Micro SD memory card slot supports memory card sizes from 4GB to 32 GB. 8GB memory card included. Cambox Skull Cap Attachment available separately.